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Rapidly bring change to your IT Operations

Using DevSecOps technologies to enable automation within your organization or agency

AGILE EVErywhere

Agile practices are useful throughout your organization.

Agile practices are extremely useful even if you have never written a line of code.

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AI & Automation - the secret sauce in modern IT.

Automation is good, but it becomes much more powerful when you couple it with AI.

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From IT enterprise process improvement to how to manage your online presence, there’s a wealth of knowledge available to you on my website.

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Soloist with Queen Anne's Chorale.

Aaron Francesconi

from Who Are You Online

Effectively portraying yourself on the Internet for the world to see will be the critical social skill of the 21st century.

Aaron Francesconi

from Who Are you Online

All of us will be impacted by social implications of the Internet. And together, we will learn how to live with the Internet being part of our lives

Aaron Francesconi

from Who Are you Online

Your online image is who you are on the Internet and increasingly it is the equivalent of who you are in real life.

Aaron Francesconi’s Book

Who Are You Online?

Why It Matters and What You Can Do About It!

Naked pictures, late night party games, angry blogs, and ex-lovers. All of these things can ruin your Online Image! Who Are You Online? Why it Matters and What You Can Do About It! teaches you to fix, protect, and build your Online Image.

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